Brand Personality

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Who is it for?

Your brand personality is neither here nor there, or too far away from the intended impression, it was supposed to convey.


Our Solution

Our solution is to handcraft your brand personality with a range of exercises and consultation, but before we dive into anything, this needs to be said. The ideal brand persona should not be something you adopt to cast a wide net.

For example, Wendy’s is a fast-food chain restaurant that has been receiving support on their social media for their witty responses to their haters. This was very in line with their brand, yet not all brands can replicate and receive the same feedback without severe backlash. At the same time, the ideal brand persona should not be a replica of your personal personality.


The founder of Ascendancy, Landon, has an easy-going nature where he often does things in a spur of a moment, in his personal life. This is contrasting to Ascendancy, which groups motive with action, where even the slight change of color shade or the moving of a pixel holds a purpose. It is important to set boundaries between your company and you, even if the brand personality was inspired by a personal experience.



Brand Personality