Brand Positioning

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Who is it for?

You want your brand to be in the most ideal environment. This could be after a change in brand identity or clarity of its standing within your consumers.


Our Solution

A common misconception when clients request this service is that they expect their consumers to think of their brand like how THEY think of their brand. As brand owners or long-time employees, we sometimes become biased toward our brands, fogging up our glasses.

Our part in this equation is to aid you with an external opinion on how you may better position yourself. By associating your brand with a range of ideas, we want to evoke the ideal standing within your consumers. This includes ensuring your brand is appearing on the right platforms, and if needed, removed from some. Let me give you an analogy, you will never see ‘Ah Huat’s funeral services’ or ‘Warren life insurance’ on online shopping applications such as Lazada or Shopee. Our goal is to create a safe space for your brand to flourish in its entirety.



Brand Positioning