Harnessing the Power of Video Content on Social Media

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For over a century, the moving picture has kept us all entertained. And its power appears to be growing by the day. Look at any social media platform, and you’ll find both global brands, small and businesses all fighting for your attention via an eclectic mix of cutting-edge video content. Video has become one of the most crucial marketing channels there is.

It’s more than fair to say that video content has officially taken over the marketing world, and it seems this trend is here to stay. You really need to know your stuff if you hope to arouse the interest of an audience that is, quite frankly, spoilt for choice when it comes to video content. But what do brands need to know, and why exactly is it so important?

Well, get a nice warm cup of tea or hot cocoa and make yourself comfortable as we unveil a few of our most closely guarded secrets about video content marketing.

Why is video content essential for social media marketing?

The importance of video content is growing rapidly, and it’s particularly prevalent in social media marketing. Video content is now integral to marketing strategies aimed at younger generations, and when it’s targeted correctly, it can achieve incredible results. Here are just a few reasons why video content is currently topping the charts as the primary focus for social media marketers and presenting a vast opportunity.

It helps brands reach new audiences.

Forget Millennials with their avocado toast and their fading memories of what a VHS is. Marketers are now narrowing their attention to Generation Z – and thinking very carefully about how to reach them. Generation Z currently makes up 40% of all consumers – (And the numbers grow daily), and they’re not swayed by traditional advertising channels like billboards and “that weird box my parents still have” (TV). 

Instead, this group of digital natives primarily feeds on information via social media. For them, video content reigns supreme.

Gen Z consumer spends a whopping 4 hours a day watching videos online. This is an actual window of opportunity for brands hoping to capture an audience that has, so far, proved tricky to reach.

It offers the opportunity to tell a story.

Video content provides brands the opportunity to tell a story before throwing in the bonus of maybe selling a product too. Framing communication as a story helps build an emotional connection, which can dramatically affect customer retention figures. By communicating via storytelling, brands can also fuse their messages with entertaining and informative content, making it far more likely that consumers will give up their precious, precious time to watch it.

Its ROI is hard to beat.

You can’t argue with facts. Video content provides an impressive ROI, one of the biggest reasons marketers are clamoring to use it. Research revealed that 88% of video marketers reported a positive ROI from the video marketing campaigns. This shows a marked increase from the previous year when 83% reported an excellent ROI. Research from 2015 reveals just how far we’ve come – five years ago, only a minor third of marketers achieved a successful ROI from video marketing.

The video content results are improving at an impressive rate, along with our understanding of creating video content that speaks to those all-important target audiences. Watch this space because – in the immortal words of Yazz – the only way is up (baby).

It effectively builds trust.

Everyone’s doing it your brother, your neighbors, sadly even your mum. That’s because it’s easier than ever to produce, edit and share video content on social media nowadays. This makes it a little more challenging to stand out from the competition, but it also provides amazing benefits like authenticity and trust.

With video content, brands can show customers exactly who they are, what they stand for, and where they’re headed. Brands can use video to show personality, reframe existing narratives and even reposition themselves as a company. 

The most effective types of social media videos.

Explore the world of social media videos, and you’ll find that the content tends to fall into a handful of different categories. These are the most effective of these demo videos, brand awareness videos, live videos, testimonial videos, and promotional videos of events such as launches, parties, gigs, and festivals. These are what the people want to see – and who are we to stop them?

Brand videos

Brand videos are often seen in social media campaigns, but they’re also effective when displayed prominently on a brand’s website. The most compelling brand videos introduce the brand and communicate its mission in a short, snappy way that grabs the viewer’s attention and refuses to let go. Speaking of brand videos, take a look at ours!

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Talk to us about your social media video campaign.

Social media video campaigns have the potential to transform a business, providing rapid results that can send your brand awareness stratospheric. However, only the most engaging content cuts through the wealth of content online. Therefore, it’s essential to consider making your content relatable to your audience, creating an emotional connection that offers a transparent value exchange. 

Still don’t believe us, even after having read this lengthy article? To find out more, don’t hesitate to get in touch – email us at landonyeo@ascendancystudio.com, and we’ll show you what we can do.