Facebook Marketing

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Every platform has their algorithm, that’s why there are agencies that specialize in Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn etc. We believe that consistency is incredibly important, especially on how your brand performs on each platform. Being too active and posting too much content across all your platforms just to maximize your campaign, can create the opposite effect. Digital marketing in Facebook is very different from platforms like Instagram, for example, you’ll find that you need to spend more on Facebook to achieve equal engagement or reach in comparison to other platforms.

However, with billions of people using Facebook every month, and two-thirds of Facebook users visiting local business pages at least once a week, it would be a shame not to capitalize on that.


Triumph Digital Marketing in Facebook

Facebook is one of the most flexible platforms for marketing, not only that, over 4.5 million Singaporeans have an account, that’s 73.6% of our population. Before we can set foot on this venture, we must make sure your target audience is reachable on this platform. To take full advantage of every resource you are pumping on to this platform, engage in an agency like us doing Digital marketing in Facebook.


Facebook Marketing