Instagram Marketing

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There are multiple businesses that situate themselves around a platform, for example, a company revolving around Instagram would be an Instagram growth agency. With a large user base and social influence, it would be a tragedy if it wasn’t utilized to the fullest.


Instagram Marketing Singapore

Instagram themselves offer marketing features readily available with analytics. On top of their visual nature, it is a great platform for services or products that produce visually appealing results. Many businesses know that social media like Instagram is a valuable platform, thus some even feel rushed to place themselves on it without careful planning. This is where an Instagram growth agency like us can help, not only do we command great understanding of the platform features, but we also know exactly where to start. Before that, the most important thing before any strategizing is that we know who we’re working with. It doesn’t matter how big a platform is, if its not for your brand, it’ll do more harm than good.


Instagram Marketing


6 points about Instagram marketing in Singapore


1) Your goals

The reason behind creating an Instagram for your brand can’t just be because you want to be included. Set a goal, why are you here? What do you want to achieve with your presence? Give the resources you’re putting into this platform more than just a few reasons.


2) Your target audience

Now, you want to make the most out of your resources, spending $1 to reach a person that really likes or needs your products surely does more than a person who don’t. Certain factors like age, gender, income, location also matter.


3) Competitive analysis

I’m sure your marketing team or marketing person knows how important this is, when you’re starting fresh on a platform completely new to you, you want to know what your industry benchmark is. Conducting an analysis with companies that provide similar deliverables can only do you good.


4) Social media calendar

Planning out your posts and laying them out in a calendar not only leaves you more time to plan for more events but also helps you maximize potential be it with your product/service launch or brand presence.


5) Consistency

Consistency is key, if your account looks like its ran by 20 different people, its highly reflective of what your customers or clients might think of you. It might even put potential customers off from engaging in your products/services.


6) Grow

Not just growing your followers, but your engagement, your influence. Optimize what your target audience is looking at, follow people that you want to associate with your business.