Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing


Starting social media marketing in Singapore without a guide is like walking into a forest alone, you’d have to pray you to have that forest ranger on speed dial – that is if you have reception. Marketing does not mean you need to sell something, it could be to build brand loyalty, show your brand presence or help your potential consumers understand your brand better. You are essentially painting a lifestyle, and for that, requires communication with your people. We will dive into what organic social media posts are, how paid advertisements are not necessarily the way to go specific to you, and our solution.


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Organic Posting on social media and paid advertisement


Organic Posting


We utilize a mixture of Organic marketing content and paid advertisement to achieve the best results. Organic posting on social media is to utilize what is given to you by the platform, from small comments on another creator’s page to interacting with your audience. It allows your brand to establish deeper relationships without spending money. Organic social media posts can also relieve your marketing team of strict content creation and instead, allow for user-generated content that is more engaging.


Paid advertisements are useful when the algorithm is not allowing the reach you are aiming for. For example, paying to advertise organic social media posts to connect with audiences that are unlikely to discover you or that you’re advertising an offering that is doing well but can be further improved with a boost.


Paid advertisements


To create engaging content does not entail just one solution, in order not to drown every penny earned by your company into paid advertisements and exhausting your marketing team with continuous development of content, a mixture of Organic marketing and paid advertisements are optimal.


However, the ratio of each varies from brand to brand, for example, some brands that utilize Facebook as a platform might find that organic posting does not reach the optimal number of followers which results in a higher paid social ratio in comparison to another platform. Although organic posting on social media is a cheaper alternative with large potential, it still does not mean it should be the only way to go.

Always hire a trusted and reputed social media management agency to boost your brand awareness & online presence.