Small Business Marketing Agency

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Small Business Marketing Agency

Small business owners listen up, don’t close that door to digital marketing. Traditional advertising may seem like a sufficient way to market yourselves, but why limit yourself to one channel? With the increasing accessibility to internet and large influence online communities have on product/service sales, it can impact your growth substantially when done right. So, what is digital marketing and why is it so important?


Digital marketing is marketing done on the internet, advertisement that are shown on your electronic devices. They consist of social media, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Email Marketing and more. In our current time where billions of people are on some type of social media, search engines fueling questions with answers and continuous advancement of advertising online, the influence digital marketing has is a game changer. Some of the benefits when you put your business on the grid include:


  • Eliminating the geographical factor in certain limitations
  • Customizable advertisement to reach your target audience
  • Engagement with your community/target audience
  • Increased brand awareness
  • More accurate details on engagement levels
  • Opportunities for authentic interactions from organic posting


In a previous blogpost about social media posting, I mentioned how organic social content can deliver your brand’s personality, values etc.


It is especially useful for small businesses that don’t have a large budget for running paid advertisements, in fact, its great when used in combination even if you have an endless budget. Although the ratio of that differs from business to business, it’s also due to the algorithm of the chosen platform. Digital marketing is to establish your presence, you’re making yourself known and giving your potential customers options.


How often do you search up a place you want to dine at before you go? Or reviews to a product you want to buy? Have you ever decided against buying or dining at a place because of a bad review or lack of information? You want to eliminate this possibility for your prospective client, and perhaps even use it to your advantage by making sure every time someone searches you up, they see the best of your business.


Planning for the journey


Before you rush into digital marketing, its important you know exactly where you to be. Set goals on what your business wants to accomplish by when, the tools you will have at hand on the chosen platforms, your market research and competitor analysis. Make yourself comfortable with the ongoing trends and topics, they can make or break your brand in the split of a second. You can expect to spend a lot of time planning before you take your first step, gathering information takes time and using that to your advantage takes patience and an open mind. For example, you could be trying to appeal to an audience that is completely different from your own personal knowledge, they could have foreign slangs or sense of humor. It takes time to adapt and come up with the best way to deliver your message.


Small Business Marketing Agency


Another option if you aren’t comfortable with digital marketing or have the resources to dedicate, is engaging services from a small business marketing agency.


Instead of delegating the strategizing and implementation to an employee that could be contributing to the business more in a different way, engaging in an agency that specializes in digital marketing can not only promise a percentage of results but also space for you to learn without missing the best timeframe to enter. With professionals utilizing their strategies, funnels etc. that have been tweaked or created according to your data, they are able to predict and make decisions that can transform your message. This is something they can do at a fraction of the time that someone that is just starting out needs to properly implement, it is also cheaper in comparison to traditional marketing where there is lesser data and is more expensive to procure as the accuracy increases.


Engaging in a small business marketing agency does not mean you take your hands completely off the journey, you can check on your business’s growth from a personal perspective, search yourself up on your private accounts. You can even talk to them from the perspective of a customer, from there you could take your own personal experience and improve further.