Social Media Posting

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Social Media Posting


What exactly is organic posting on social media? What constitutes as such and why is it important? Let me give you an example if a friend of yours only approaches you with something to sell or promote, are they really your friend? Sure, certain products or services are a steal, they want the best for you thus the interactions with intention. However, if they only initiate a conversation that benefits them as well, the substance you gain out of this relationship would be significantly lesser.


Emotional connection is extremely important when you want to make a good impression, organic posts are what you can utilize to help your people understand you further. I could go on about how organic social media posts will save you money and create better opportunities for your brand, but it isn’t all rainbows.


What you can expect from organic posting on social media

1) Only a certain amount of your followers or people that subscribe to your content will be able to see it. It is different for every platform, for instance, Facebook’s average reach per organic post is 5.20% whereas Instagram holds 20% in 2021. However, with algorithms constantly changing, we should expect organic reach to either drop or rise as the months’ pass.


2) The people interacting on your posts, the posts you are interacting under, the hashtags and associations you use in your captions are all important factors when posting organically. The frequency where you post will also be reflective of your engagement on certain platforms, this is not indicating that posting more equates to better results but rather, consistency.


3) Organic posts are not meant to sell or offer something, it is to associate your brand with an impression that is most suited. Of course, this is not to say that organic posts cannot be about your products or services, rather they could be included in a way that exhibits personality. An example would be, creating a meme around your products or interacting with your competitor’s posts with witty comments. 


4) Organic social media posts will build relationships and create an emotional connection with your customers. The goal should be for your target audience to see your brand as one person, if your customer service, posts on social media, and more, are not reflective of your brand personality, it does not matter how good of an impression your social media is depicting.


5) Do not expect organic posting on social media to carry your whole brand. Like I’ve mentioned in point 1, algorithms exist and they’re constantly changing. You can’t just rely on organic social media posts, there has to be a planned ratio of paid advertisement included as well.


Gathering substance with organic social media posts


When you rely solely on one channel to reach your audience, it can limit your potential. Organic posts translate to be your brand’s personality, values, and generally what you stand for. The customers you gain from this will come slower in comparison to paid advertisements, but they will stay longer because you embody what they want to be associated with. A few other important factors being when you post organically, it will only reach a certain amount of your followers and the people following the hashtags you’re going to use. 


Ultimately, it boils down to what your objectives are with each post. Is it used to remind your customers of you, to reach a new audience that could enjoy your offerings, or just spread brand awareness?  


Whatever your objectives are, the final goal should always be automating. You want to come up with a strategy that keeps the tedious tasks to a minimum. This could range from creating a smooth process of designing, editing and approval to scheduling each post in advance in accordance with your social media calendar.


Concluding this blog post, I’d like to encourage everyone to do their own research before hiring someone to strategize for you. This is to provide as much value to yourself and as little miscommunication, you want to ask the right questions and be clear on what you want. On top of that, declining organic reach is not out of the norm, so keep your expectations limited to facts, some money still must be spent for your offerings and content to be seen.