I Love Taimei Marketing Collaterals

We helped I Love Taimei (ILTM) a bubble tea shop originated from Taiwan with their Menu design and marketing collaterals. We commenced with redesigning their menu. As a food chain that only does take-out, the menu should be designed with ease of viewing and understanding.

Menu 1


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After categorising their food and beverage items, we tested various designs as well as creating additional secondary graphics. This is to further enhance the visual aesthetics yet maintain the cohesiveness of design and brand. Upon completion of the menu, we began planning out their necessary brand and marketing collaterals. Our team came up with various designs for ILTM’s promotional pieces, exploring and showcasing possibilities for the brand to evolve.

Our next project came, and it was to design a hoarding board for ILTM’s new outlet at Hillion Mall Singapore. Our lead designer saw the potential for this project and chose to integrate it into more elements, hence we started our brainstorming and came up with the idea of utilising vouchers the mall has provided for its patrons. We applied quotes and messages from ILTM’s history, to bring awareness of ILTM’s new opening in this location.

The design starts with a message ‘Love You Now!’ on over 200 pieces of vouchers and dummies collectively, and another message ‘Been Loving Since 2009’ which reveals after the vouchers have been peeled off. The hoarding board design initiative was turned into a pre-advertising campaign and reception was well-received for both times.

Food Menu

Milk Tea